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Mar 14, 2023 - Jan 31, 2024

WIMSA Mentoring Course 2023

  • 324Days
  • 71Steps
  • 58Participants
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Welcome to the 2023 WIMSA Mentoring Programme. This online course has been set up to take you through the mentoring programme step by step and to serve as a central repository for all information, documents etc. It supplements and complements the WhatsApp Group that has been established for communications and networking. New steps, tasks and documents will be added as we progress through the year together. The first steps in this programme will become available on 14 March 2023. Steps will be released on a drip system - in other words, while you will be able to see all the steps of the programme, you will only gain access to them on specified dates. This will help you to keep pace and manage your engagement with the programme. As we complete each of our sessions the recordings will be uploaded here for you to watch, catch up, and review. We expect you to complete each step in this online course to ensure that you remain up to date and get the maximum benefit from the WIMSA mentoring Programme. Enjoy the programme and get as much out of it as you possibly can - we hope this structure will support your learning journey!

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