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Notes to self #2 | Relationship with myself

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Dear Self,
It's time to work on your relationship with yourself. It's not selfish, in fact it's the complete opposite. It's the ultimate act of self love and in the long run will strengthen your relationships with others!
Said with love,
B ❤️❤️❤️

We all know that having a nurturing self-loving relationship with yourself is so important, so why is self love sometimes so hard to practice?

I'm reading @yung_pueblo 's new book Lighter and finding that it's a beautiful and gentle, yet also firm, reminder to myself that it's time to stop only looking outwards for love, and long overdue to renew and repair my relationship with myself, start learning to love myself, start being honest with myself, start practicing self compassion - not in an indulgent way, but in a way that allows me to sit with my anxiety, my sadness, my fears, my anger, as well as my joy, my excitement, my gratitude, my contentment too.

To notice each emotion and allow them to pass through me, to flow, to morph into the next emotion and to take the time to notice whatever comes up.

It's time to act responsibly towards myself and noticing my emotions, giving myself time to notice them, enables me to choose my response - to be response-able.

This is part of getting conscious.

Join me in getting conscious as the first step in nurturing self love 🤗


If you want to write notes to yourself, I invite you to join me in a daily (ok to be honest it's a semi daily but aiming for daily) practice. You are welcome to write them online here, in your own journal or wherever you wish.

Just write them! It's a great practice in getting conscious and having an honest conversation with yourself!


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