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Mar 8, 2024 - Oct 29, 2024

Optimise Your Career Value Chain Mentoring Group OYCVC1 | March 2024

  • 236Days
  • 36Steps
  • 23Participants


The technical competencies that get us to where we are, are not the competencies that make us successful in the long run. Our mentoring programme recognizes this and focuses on the development of the career value chain of the " sometimes harder to acquire" soft skills that position professionals to show up as strong self-leaders and managers so that ultimately, they become strong leaders and managers of others. In the programme we focus on the skills that most of us assume we should learn from our first mentors, and that we have realised through our own experiences and our coaching work, are often lacking and become derailers to our client's success. These skills relate to: ✍️ increased intrapersonal skills around self-awareness (what am I competent at and for, how do I show up in a way that either helps me or hinders me, what behaviours do I have that have the potential to derail me now, tomorrow or future), 🗣️interpersonal skills (how do I position my brand and expertise within my network to ensure I am known for the problems I solve, and how do I communicate in a way that connects with my listener and enables their understanding and my ability to influence, and 💪 sustaining skills (my mindset, my relevance, my self-care and my personal board of directors). This is all packaged in a way that supports mentees in moving from working in the busyness of their jobs to working on the business of their careers. Join the programme now and let's get you on the path to optimising your career now, for your next position and ultimately for your long-term career happiness!

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