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1:1 + Group Coaching

We all start our coaching journey for different reasons. 

What's your reason?

For some of us, it's the fact that the thought of going to work fills us with dread! We know we can't stay on the couch forever, but the prospect of going to the office......No!

For some of us, managing our emotions seems impossible. Sometimes we reach a point where resentment, anger, or perhaps fear have cropped up and we find ourselves not just having emotions, but BEING our emotions! 

Or we get the promotion, and then find that managing and leading others is more complex than we realised. The competencies required to “manage myself”, are fundamentally different to those required for “managing others”.

Or we hit that time in our lives where we start our search for meaning. If that's the case then coaching can be very helpful in developing insights about your priorities, your values, where your passions lie, what you want to continue doing and what you never want to do again.

And for some, it's to take on the role of CEO of their own career.


No matter what your reason for starting career coaching and for that matter, where you are in your career: starting our - moving up - changing careers, we have a coaching solution for you!

1:1 coaching pans

Choose your 1:1 Coaching Plan

We offer coaching in packages of 10, 6 or 3 sessions to private individuals as well as company-sponsored employees*. Invest in the coaching package that aligns with the size of your goals, the length of time you have available to work on your goals and the financial investment you are comfortable making in yourself. You can always invest in more coaching sessions when your package runs out. 

Because coaching is a journey, we recommend a minimum of 6 sessions for new clients who have medium sized goals, 10 sessions for any clients that want to work on big career and life changing goals, and 3 sessions for anyone that is an existing or past client that wants a few top up sessions. 

Before you select a plan for the first time, we recommend scheduling a discovery session so that we can support you in exploring your coaching needs and identifying the right coach and the right package for you. 

When you commence coaching with us, your package includes a complementary Neethling Brain Instruments Thinking Preference Assessment to help us get some quick insights into how you make sense of the world around you and how in turn that influences your decision making, communication, leadership and relationship styles..

*Rates published on the website are for private individuals only. If your company is sponsoring you please contact us for a bespoke cost estimate for your coaching. 

  • Best Value

    1:1 Career Coaching (10 Sessions)

    25 000R
    10 coaching sessions focussing on your career, self-leadership and leadership style
    Valid for 10 months
    • 10 x 1:1 coaching sessions (1hr each) over 8-10 months
    • Thinking preference assessment & online course (FREE)
    • Between session support and check-ins on WhatsApp
    • Pay upfront or 3 instalments (10% surcharge on instalments)
  • 1:1 Career Coaching (6 Sessions)

    15 000R
    Focussing on medium size goals - perfect for working on your personal brand+ positioning for example
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 x 1 hr 1:1 sessions taken over a maximum of 3 - 4 months
  • 1:1 Career Coaching (3 Sessions)

    7 500R
    Laser focus on one or two specific short term career and leadership goals
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 x 1:1 coaching sessions taken over a maximum of 6 weeks
    • Semi-directional coaching approach to support quick wins
    • Ideal for focussing on short term goals

What clients have said


Hilary Green, Communications specialist and writer.

My coaching sessions and the workshops that I’ve been doing with Briony have really got me curious about what else may be out there for me. I really feel that I’ve found my “truth” in using words to create, influence and inspire.


Briony has got me working on the big goals - but Briony's workshops are also helping me right now, to behave and react to challenging work situations with more wisdom and awareness than before!

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