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Thu, 13 Jun


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Leverage your thinking preferences for better decisions and relationships

We make sense of the world using frameworks that our brains develop early in life. Everything we do, how we make decisions, build relationships, communicate, manage, lead, & how we connect with, or disconnect from people around us. Leverage your thinking preferences for better influence & impact.

Leverage your thinking preferences for better decisions and relationships
Leverage your thinking preferences for better decisions and relationships

Time & Location

13 Jun 2024, 18:00 – 20:00

MS Teams - Link to be emailed


About the event

In every aspect of our lives, we need to sell ideas to people around us. These include persuading:

  • our kids to make their beds, 
  • our partners to help with the dishes, 
  • our colleagues to deliver their work to the desired quality and in time and budget, 
  • our friends to come to the music festival with us.

How we "sell" our ideas to others and get them to buy in to what we want them to do, is shaped by the frameworks that our brains create early in life to help us manage the chaos and complexity around us. Some os us develop frameworks that are based on facts and logic, somedevelop frameworks based on riles and processes, some develop framework based on visual imagery and lots of options, and some develop frameworks based on relationships and consensus. 

None ofthese frameworks are right or wrong, good or bad. Everyone has one or two dominant fremworks that shape the way we show up in the world.

When we lead with the framework that serves the context we are in, we can be successful. When our dominant framework isn't approrpaite for the context we are in, we can fail miserably and feel confused about why it is that sometimes we are successful at connecting and other times it feels like it doesn't matter what words we use, its as if we arespeaking different languages.

In this online workshop, we are going to unpack all these concepts, give you insights into the 4 frameworks or thinking preferences that we develop early inlife, help you identify clues to determine what "language" someone else might be listening in, and give you some ideas on how to step between the different frameworks or preferences to be impactul and influential in differentcontexts. 

Join us for this 2 hour workshop and develop crucial insights into yourself that will help you be more impactful and influential in your careers, business and life.

You have the option of completing your thinking preference assessment ahead of the workshop so that you already have your personalised assessment to refer to during the workshop.

This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.
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    This ticket includes the workshop and your personalised thinking preference assessment. When you choose this option you will see a link on your ticket that gives you access to your thinking preference assessment and a code to complete the assessment.

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