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Unveiling The BLCC: From Briony Liber Coaching & Consulting to The Business & Leadership Coaching Company

After 8 years in business, and with a purposeful focus on meeting the needs of my individual clients, I'm thrilled to announce that Briony Liber Coaching and Consulting is leaping into the next stage and expanding to meet the needs of business clients as well. 

For a long time now I've been looking to build more capacity into my business because I have a bold, heartfelt and generative goal that includes coaching and mentoring 1 million+ young leaders over the next 25 years to ensure that this world is filled with conscious, courageous and compassionate leaders.

It's taken me a while to admit I can't do this alone, it's taken me longer to find a business partner that I'm willing to scale up with.

In December 2023 I wrote a blog about the uncomfortable truth that what got me to where I am in business, is not what will get me to the next level of business. It was the catalyst for the realisation that if I want to make the impact that I truly want to make, I can't keep doing what I've been doing (ie working alone in a predominantly right brain fashion, making an impact but not making it efficiently).

The strategy consultant that I referred to in the blog is Michael Kruger and I'm happy to finally say, Briony Liber Coaching and Consulting (BLCC) is evolving, and together with Michael Kruger, The Business & Leadership Coaching Company (The BLCC) has emerged.

With positive change comes a new name and a host of new offerings to serve our individual and corporate clients better.

Introducing The Business & Leadership Coaching Company (The BLCC)

In the ever-dynamic journey of professional and business growth, we at The BLCC recognise the inherent challenges that can make the path seem daunting or even impossible.  The genesis of The BLCC arose from a profound understanding that professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs often face uncertainty without the guidance they need and deserve.  Navigating the intricate landscape of professional life can be intimidating, especially when the unknowns outnumber the certainties.

Fuelled by an unwavering commitment to be a beacon of support, The BLCC, which represents the merging of forces of its Principals Briony Liber & Michael Kruger was founded with a resolute goal: to empower professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who possess untapped potential but lack the necessary knowledge, experience and support to unlock it.  

We passionately believe that there is always more that can be achieved, and it is our calling and desire to provide the coaching, mentoring, consulting and training needed to turn aspirations into reality.

Within the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, The BLCC stands as a sanctuary for those who yearn to accomplish more, but find themselves at a crossroads.  We have created a space where professionals and visionaries can discover the mentorship and coaching they crave, offering a transformative journey toward realising their full potential.

In the vast landscape of professional endeavours, let The BLCC be your guiding light, illuminating the path to success and fulfilment. Together, we embark on a journey of introspection, self-discovery and empowerment, unlocking possibilities, and sculpting a future where aspirations are not just envisioned, but brought to life.

We invite you to engage with us to learn more, and discover how The Business & Leadership Coaching Company can support you or your organisation in acquiring the skills and direction needed for continuous improvement and success.

Warm regards

Briony and Michael

PS watch this space as the website, branding and our offerings evolve fully into the identity of The Business and Leadership Coaching Company (The BLCC)



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