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My guiding values

My logo tells the story of my values

At first glance, my logo resembles a brain - a very busy brain.
That's pretty much how clients come to me - overwhelmed, unfocused, unable to see the bigger picture, or unable to get out of the detail. That changes as the coaching journey unfolds.
Over time the busyness is replaced with clarity, the ability to think clearly, a curiosity about other ways of seeing a situation, an ownership mindset, the ability to listen, to yourself and others, resilience and agility, and the capacity to step into the role as CEO of your career.

In my career journey, my relationship with my values has ebbed and flowed. When I allowed myself to be guided by and in a close relationship with my values, so much clarity emerged for me.
That doesn't mean that everything is easy all of a sudden, but rather that I have a much greater ability to listen - really listen, to myself and what is true for me - rather than get sucked into assumptions about what  I think society says I should be doing.
Briony Liber highlights_time icon.png
Expertise takes time

No one is born the expert - it takes time. Start where you are, keep practising, ask questions and keep learning.

Briony Liber highlights_business
Your career is your business

In your career, you are the product or service and your boss, manager, teammates, project managers and future employers are your customers. You need to create value and serve your customers so that you can grow your career like a business.

Briony Liber highlights_listening icon.p
Listening is a gift

Listening is the greatest gift you can give someone - to be heard is as close as some people come to feeling respected, valid and understood. Listen to yourself too.

Briony Liber highlights_passion1
Your emotions are data

Pay attention to what your emotions and intuition are telling you - they are a source of wisdom. 

Briony Liber highlights_Nurture Icon.png
Nurture yourself

Tend to your own self-care - know when to nourish yourself, when to focus on growth, when to rest, where your boundaries lie so that you can protect your own well being. 

Briony Liber highlights_invest in yourse
Invest in yourself

Invest in the assets of your career - your self, your self-care, your competence, your resilience, your networks, your relationships. 

Briony Liber highlights_life long learni
Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is critical to remain agile and relevant in your career.

Briony Liber highlights_growth icon.png
Take charge of your growth

You don't need to wait for others to invest in you or tell you what direction to take. Choose to grow and blossom in your career for your own intrinsic benefit. 

Briony Liber highlights_story icon.png
Create your narrative

The stories you tell yourself and others, and the words you use, contribute to the perceptions you, and others, have about you. Use your words carefully.

Briony Liber highlights_resilience icon.
Resilience is your resource

In this world of constant change, your resilience - your ability to bounce back, change direction, be flexible, stay positive, build strong connections, see the bigger picture - is your resource.

Briony Liber highlights_reflect Icon.png
Take time to think

Everything depends on your ability to think. Make time regularly to think, to mull, to reflect, to consider different perspectives, to intuit, to breath, to develop your thoughts.

Briony Liber highlights_comfort zone ico
Leave your comfort zone

Your career growth happens outside your comfort zone - take one step out into growth and then another and another.

Briony Liber highlights_Network Icon.png
Nurture your networks

When you nurture your relationships and seek to serve before you try to sell, you are building social capital in advance of ever needing help.

Briony Liber highlights _curiosity icon.
Curiosity is your super power

Your curiosity empowers you to be agile, to experiment, to learn without the fear of failure. 

Briony Liber highlights_change direction
Change is possible

You can change direction at any time you choose. You can change careers, you can change your mind, you can change your decisions.

Briony Liber highlights_CEO Icon.png
CEO mindset

You are the CEO of your career. Cultivate your CEO mindset and manage your career like a business - with vision, intention, curiosity, creativity, courage and compassion.

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